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Any sexualy explicit pictures depicting minors (under 18) are illegal. Scat, beastial or other illegal content is also forbidden. We have your IP and *will* report you to your authorities if you upload anything illegal!
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To save time uploading multiple photos, you can upload a zip file with all the photos and we will create a gallery from the files in the zip archive.

You can upload any number of images you like and use them on your site as you please. Please bear in mind that because of extra heavy users we need to have a few guidelines to keep us from going bankrupt:
  • You can embed as many thumbs as you like and use up as much bandwidth as you like
  • Your site can use up to 400mb a day embedding full size images
Because of the 400mb limitation we recommend that you use the embed codes provided on our site, which are essentially codes that embed thumbs, and link to the full size versions on That way you can be certain that your embeds will work indefinitely, regardless of the bandwidth it consumes.
Please note that the 400mb limitation does not apply to thumbs.